How to Make Your Dreams Come True

I am not sure why I joined like Recently I have started to below it was a stroke of luck, but that could mean that I am reading a little bit too much into working for But one things is for sure, I have gone from earning ten quid per hour to a lot more. That has enabled me to do so many of the things that I had always dreamed about doing in my life, and without, I am not sure that I would have been able to make that happen.


Who would have thought that a girl from the East End of London would have been able to afford a luxury Caribbean holiday? A couple of years ago when I joined, I would never have dreamed I would have been able to afford such luxury holidays. When I stop and think about it, working for has changed my life in more ways than one, and it is for the better.


I have two sister who work in a supermarket in Greenwich. They think that they are doing great with their staff discounts and contributory pension scheme, but there has to be more than life to that. My sisters both have all of these dreams that they like to come true, but on their wages, and general outlook, I am not sure that they are ever going to have enough money to do. If you would like to make your dreams come true, you really need to plan ahead in your life.


My mom used to work for, and her career was amazing. She managed to look after us girls on her wages and buy our family home. When I told her that I had been approached by a she just told me to go for it. I was not sure I was doing the right thing at first, but standing her looking out over the Thames on the balcony of my waterside apartment in Greenwich, I know that I have done the right thing. Sure, I am still having to work, but in about a year’s time, I may be lucky to change my career.


You have to be honest with yourself when you would  like to make your dreams come true. I was not really that academically gifted and that is why I joined Some of the girls who work for our service are really smart and actually using their careers to save money for the future, and a couple of them will have enough money to pay for rather advanced degrees. That is their dreams and I have this feeling that they are going to be successful. In other words, work smart and you can make all of your dreams come true. Well, maybe not all of your dreams, but at least try to keep a little bit of a bucket list and start ticking your dreams of one by one.


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