Understanding Facial Skin Toners

Skin Care Products
Skin Care Products

The standard and most beneficial skin care routine is to cleanse, tone and moisturize. Such as there are many different types of cleansers and moisturizers there are different types of toners to address your skin care needs.

Depending on the type of toner, toners serve many purposes they remove the last traces of cleanser, they act as a skin freshener, and add much need nutrients to the skin such as ant-oxidants, and skin-repairing substances such as glycerin, fatty acids, and ceramides, Most store bought toners basically contain alcohol, water, glycerin, witch hazel, menthol, camphor, boric acid, rose water and alum. However more and more manufacturers are infusing green tea, Chamomile and other herbs and flowers into their recipes. Continue reading

Vitamin C skin care The challenge

Skin Care Products
Skin Care Products

Vitamin C is often regarded as a wrinkle fighter or an anti-aging agent. The main objective of Vitamin C skin care, in scientific terms, is to increase the synthesis of collagen (a structural protein that is found in skin). The additional benefit of Vitamin C skin care is related to its capability of countering free radicals which cause damage to the skin.

Vitamin C skin care, however, faces a major challenge today. This is related to the oxidation tendency of Vitamin C skin care products. On coming in contact with any oxidising agent (e.g. air), the Vitamin C in the Vitamin C skin care products, gets oxidised thus making the Vitamin C skin care product useless (in fact counter-effective). The oxidised Vitamin C imparts a yellowish-brown colour to the Vitamin C skin care product. This is something that you need to check before buying a Vitamin C skin care product. Even after you buy a Vitamin C skin care product, you need to store it properly and keep checking that its still good to use (i.e. it hasnt attained a yellowish-brown texture). Continue reading

Natural Skin Care Routine for Normal to Dry Skin

Natural Skin Care
Natural Skin Care

I have been wanting to do a skin care article for quite some time now, because I finally have the experience to talk confidently about the subject. About three years ago I started learning all I could about dermatology, with a focus on facial skin care specifically. I read books, researched online, watched documentaries, and even subscribed to Dr. Schultz’s wonderful YouTube channel dermTVdotcom. All of this exploration has lead to a clearer understanding of skin and what it takes to care for it. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve found works best for my skin.

My Normal to Dry Skin Care Routine in 5 Easy Steps

1. In the morning upon waking I wash my hands followed by my face with warm water.

2. After my face is wet, I apply a pea-sized amount of 100% Pure Nourishing Carrot Facial Scrub, and in a circular motion work this into the skin for 30 seconds.

This product is worth every penny and it smells amazing. I noticed a huge difference from my previous cleanser that contained sulfates, which stripped all of the moisture out of my skin and left it feeling very tight. I’m a believer in the saying \”You get what you pay for\”, BUT you also have to be knowledgeable about what you’re putting on your skin. Not all expensive things are good, and $18 is not bad compared to some products I’ve purchased in the name of skin care. Be aware that the skin absorbs everything straight into the bloodstream and can be more harmful than eating toxic things. When eating something harmful, let’s say processed foods filled with chemicals, the body can digest and filter it. There is no such thing when it comes to topically applying something to your skin. All of those bad ingredients just seep right into your blood. Continue reading

Natural looking make-up

Natural Makeup
Natural Makeup

Step 1:

Apply a light creme eyeshadow that is quite fair in comparison to your skin tone to your eyelids with your finger.

This will act as a primer or you could simply choose to prime your eyelids, however you feel works best for you. If you have any problem areas that you wish to cover, dab on a minimal amount of concealer onto the areas and thoroughly blend with your finger so that it appears flawless.

Step 2:

Next apply a mineral based eye shadow that is quite similar to your skin tone, onto your eyelids with a shader brush. Make sure to pat the shadow gently onto the section of the eyelid just above the lash line to give it a bit of a pop.

Step 3:

Dab a contour brush into a pink, white or beige toned eye shadow to apply to the crease of your eyelids, depending on your skin tone and then apply the original crme eyeshadow across your eyebrow bone with your finger to brighten your eyes Continue reading

Oiling Your Scalp & Hair

Beautiful Hair
Beautiful Hair

It’s getting colder, and you are probably noticing your scalp is feeling tight and a bit dry. Maybe your hair is looking drier than normal and possibly even brittle. You may even be experiencing some dandruff. Well, there is a cure to this. Oiling your scalp and hair using 100% Coconut Oil will alleviate your dry scalp and nourish your strands back to life! Your hair will not only be hydrated and conditioned, but massaging the oil into your scalp will promote thicker and stronger hair growth. Indian women have been doing this for centuries with coconut oil and you see their gorgeous hair strands! You can do this weekly or monthly, depending on how dry your scalp and hair look and feel. Here’s How:

1. Heat coconut oil to a warm temperature before applying. You may need to use thick gloves (i.e. cleaning gloves) when using the warm oil, so you don’t burn yourself.

2. Part in sections. Rub oil in as many sections as you can. Do not pour the oil onto your hair, rather, using your finger tips, apply little amounts to the actual scalp.

3. Using your fingertips, gently massage the oil by putting your hands inside your hair. This will help to stimulate circulation and actually treat your dry scalp. Not to mention, it feels heavenly. Massage for 10-15 minutes. Continue reading