Why do I always go for the bad boys

I have dated many types of men, it’s normal when you are a london escorts to meet many different types of characters, sexy confident obnoxious rich shy adventurous open minded caring, the list goes on. But when I’m not at work and I’m dating privately I seem to have this magnetic drive to always pick men that are typical london bad boys. I don’t know what it is about them, they are just so sexy and when we initially meet they are so calm and mature but as soon as we get intimate things change it’s like they have a character transplant. It’s so annoying and what’s even more annoying is that I always fall for it. According to https://cityofeve.org.


Why I am attracted to bad boys


Ok so I know bad boys are no good for me and eventually end up breaking my heart, my friends at london escorts always tell me that I should start actively looking for geeks and hanging around libraries because they have seen me go through this so many times. They are probably fed up of me repeating my mistakes. But I just can’t help it. It’s the mature sensuality of their shady aura that draws me in and I just want to know more. It turns me on, which makes the girls at london escorts laugh as they just don’t understand the attraction. They tell me that that is a big red flag and when I feel that way that I should run a mile. But instead I just run right towards the trouble. And I’m not gonna lie I date lots of men from the escorts agency but there’s no better feeling than having a man take total control of you. And let’s face it the sex is amazing it’s like these bad boys go to a special school to learn how to be shady and alluring and how to make a woman have a euphoric orgasm. 


Sex with bad boys 


The sex with these bad boys is like no other experience. From the moment they touch your skin you are wet. I love the way the are fast and rough then slow and gentle. The wet kisses on my lips and all over my body and the firm grip when they draw you close. I love it all. I’m wet even thinking of it now. The girls at london escorts just don’t understand I honestly question what their partners are like in bed as they just don’t get it when I explain it to them. 


I don’t know what to do as I would like to eventually settle down with one man but the kind of man that I am attracted to never wants to stay with me. And let’s be serious for a minute, the advise from my girls at london escorts isn’t realistic. I don’t even know where my local library is!

There’s got to be one bad boy who is looking for his ride of die wifey, I’ll just keep searching until I find him.

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