Better sex and better exercise

Best exercises for better sex

Sex can be both a joyful event, and an ordeal. This natural ritual of intimacy with another person gives us a lot of fun not only on the physical but also on the psychological level. However, for it to always be at the top level, it is important to take care of your body and physical form. And this applies not only to men! Marion from Northolt Escorts of shares some basic exercises for the body, which will help to improve sex.

Cardio for endurance

If you are not in shape, the first thing you notice, during sexual intercourse is that you start breathing hard, sweating heavily and get tired quickly. This means that you have to limit yourself to certain positions, for example, in positions where you are on top, you can not maintain the pace for a long time – says Marion from Northolt Escorts. Thus, cardiovascular exercises such as running, jumping, dancing (aerobics, fitness), swimming and cycling will increase your aerobic endurance and allow you to enjoy sex without fatigue. Cardio exercises are also good to help manage weight, which has a positive impact on your sexuality.

  • Running – 10-20 minutes per day (2 km per day will be sufficient)
  • Rope – 5-20 minutes a day
  • Dancing (aerobic, fitness) – 45-60 minutes (3 times a week)
  • Swimming – 30 minutes a day
  • Cycling – 30 minutes a day

Time in minutes is the time spent in active exercise, and you should consider a little more time to heat up and cool-down after exercise.

Strength training for the lower part of the body. The next tip from Marion in Northolt Escorts is to focus on you should do to improve the shape of the buttocks and increase strength and muscular endurance of thighs, abs and back. These muscles are involved in all the major movements in bed. Here are some exercises that will help you to strengthen these areas and give the buttocks a beautiful round shape:

  • Abdominal twisting, any exercise on the top and lower press. Make the maximum number of repetitions.
  • Lifting the pelvis from a prone position on the back, legs bent at the knees, standing on the floor
  • Squats, plié.
  • Lunges – This exercise is great for pumping buttocks and thighs muscles. Many repetitions should be done – at least 30 on each leg. If it will be hard at first, do about 10 – 15 repetitions on each leg.
  • Do three sets of this exercise as many repetitions as you can. Train your hips, legs and press 2 to 3 times a week.

Kegel Exercise

This exercise, recommended by Marion from Northolt Escorts is not related to gym: you can do it anywhere, anytime. The idea of ​​Kegel exercises is to improve blood flow to the sex organs and muscle strengthening. Contract and relax vaginal muscles with an interval of 5.10 seconds to 15 repetitions at a time, several times a day. With this exercise you can improve pleasure and performance during sex.




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